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This is Dave

You Know Him As Mr. Cabinet Painter

This is Mr. Cabinet Painter’s Story

Hi, everyone, I’m Dave! I’ve been painting everything since 1994.

I was a firefighter, back then, and I needed some more income. Since I had a few days off in the week, I decided to fill the time by learning a new skill: painting.

I’ve painted everything from large businesses (like the Best Buy here in town) to gigantic houses to playhouses. However, one type of painting is my favorite: cabinet painting.

So I specialize in cabinet painting now and have been training my teams on how to properly prepare, paint and protect cabinetry for my clients.  I’ve been painting all over town and the surrounding area (from Newnan in the west to Fayetteville in the east, Palmetto in the north to Senoia down south) and love to serve my customers with a service and product that I feel is truly far and above others’.

I can’t wait to paint your cabinets to show you!