Beautiful Painted Cabinets in Tyrone

About this Project

The Malcolms have a beautiful home. When they called me to come and paint their cabinets in Tyrone, I was excited. You see, they said they wanted green cabinets! How often does a painter get to paint with bold colors like that?

I arrived and gave a quote that really pleased the Malcolms and we then decided on colors. They wanted a modern color and one that would tie in all the different parts of the kitchen. They had some ruddy colors and greys in the marble slab on their countertops and needed something to “not clash” with that.

In the end, we chose some cool greyish greens that keep the kitchen feeling lively and lush while tying in all the different parts of the cabinetry and décor together.

Project Details

Client Malcolm Family
Project Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Date March 2017
Colors Bright Sage, Dark Elf
Location Tyrone, GA

Light Green Cabinets

The main cabinetry was painted a lighter green. More neutral than bold, this green helped to tie in all the different parts of the kitchen. We can help consult with colors and help you choose colors that will look beautiful and last for decades!

Bold Painted Cabinet Accent Pieces

We wanted a bold statement to be made and so went to two extremes, both shown in this photo. For the taller accent pieces, a dark, dark green, was the order of the day.

For the island, a bright white helps it to “pop” and commands attention as the center piece to the kitchen.

Before And After Pictures

All Of Our Cabinet Painting Pictures