Concrete Floor Epoxy Painting

About This Floor Epoxy Project

When you run a warehouse, the forklifts, workers’ feet and even merchandise can ruin the floor. That’s what had happened to this floor. When the company started searching for a new painter to bring it mack to it’s best condition, they chose Mr. Cabinet Painter!

When I came out to bid the epoxy painting project, we measured the floor area and realized it was going to be a really big job. It took over 30 gallons of epoxy paint to cover the areas that they wanted painted. The reason you epoxy coat concrete is to protect the floor. It helps the concrete last longer and is easier to clean up if any spills happen.

This job, because of it’s size, required us to use an enormous grinder. This industrial epoxy grinder ripped up the old paint and some of the surface. It created a bare surface for us to use to paint a new floor. This ne floor will last years and years, even under heavy industrial use.

Project Details

Client DB Roberts Company
Project Concret Floor Epoxy Painting
Date November 2017
Colors Grey
Location Peachtree City, GA

Grinding Old Epoxy Floor

We started out by grinding the floor. It is critical to grind up the floor, as the new epoxy paint will not adhere very well to old epoxy paint. This was tedious, of course, but we made sure it happened. We ground the floor from 6 pm until 6 am! Luckily the warehouse would be closed for a few days over the holiday weekend so we could let the epoxy cure properly.

Epoxy Floor Painting: Stage 2

After we got done grinding, Mr Painter needed to get rid of all the dust, rocks, paint chips and other debris. So we vacuumed the concrete! Yes, vacuums aren’t just for carpet. We vacuumed every inch of the project area and then proceeded to paint.

This picture shows how we paint epoxy. we use rollers for the large areas and small brushes for the edges and around objects. This ensures we get clean cut lines and beautiful results whether we are painting a large commercial project like this or your own garage at home.

Before And After Pictures